These are some of the reasons you should join the Social Fusion Network:

Save Hundreds of Dollars $$$

Most local b2b networking groups charge you to be part of their club - this limits membership size. We don't do that and we never have!

Meet Local Business People

In-person networking works - that's a fact. At our events we have one rule: BE NICE! Pushy, pestering people are encouraged to explore other groups!

Networking Should Be Fun!

Arguably one of the nicest groups today, SFN events are relaxed, open and welcoming. You should join us and discover what thousands of other local businesses already know.

Register today.

Membership is free!

We will never spam you. That's a promise!


It's free to join, save hundreds in fees. Also, we don't charge to attend events!


No performance required. No public speaking. No lead delivery either.


You're welcome to attend ... even if you're not the first [insert job title here]!

Check This Out

Here's a brief video from a past trade show we produced.

You are in good company

Attend an event and discover what thousands of local businesses already know about SFN

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers

How does it work?

You join. We send you details about our events. You decide to attend (or not) and RSVP online. That's it.

Do I have to attend every time?

Heck no! You're a busy person and we expect that you'll attend when you can and when it makes sense. You have a business to run ... feeling pressured to squeeze in networking isn't the way to do this. Show up when it's right for you. We'll wait ;-)

Can I get more involved?

Sure thing. Drop us an email and let us know what you had in mind.

What payment types do you accept?

We don't accept money for membership. However our venues appreciate it if you buy a frosty beverage or two. Oh, and the wait staff like tips. Cash, credit and debit usually work well.

"Quite simply the best local b2b networking event in town ... you should join and see for yourself!"

–Corey McCoy